Sponsors of the club

As a “Sponsor of the club”, Ripon QB Club recognizes your contribution to a membership for supporting: loans and grants to Ripon QB Club students who have been recognized in need of financial assistance, public legal education, the Ripon QB Club library and research facility, and the La Reina limited means legal clinic.


Brocchini Farms
Ciccarelli Jewelers
CrossFit QUake
Denise’s Farmers Market
Dust Bowl
Economy Signs
Farmers Insurance
Fredricks Nursary
Lucca Winery
Machado Dairy
Mako Farms
McManis Winery
Mircacle Automotive
Mountain Mikes
Northern Lights
Old Towne
Prime Shine
Ratto Brothers
Ripon Vet
Save Mart
Studio 101
Sweeney Landscape Managment